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previsao do tempo  performed by Marcos Valle  1973
Recommended by klatu [profile]

I arbitrarily chose the title track, as this is a very flowing album that needs to be listened to in one piece. Very experimental use of Brazilian sounds. It seems like Garra is the popular Valle of the period, but I give the edge on this one and Vento Sul. His other masterpiece is "Samba '68", with the best of his early compositions arranged and produced into their perfect forms by Deodato.

from Previsao Do Tempo (EMI/Odeon TOCP-65816), available on CD (EMI/Odeon Japan)

She Told Me, She Told Me  performed by Marcos Valle  1967
Recommended by konsu [profile]

If there has been any really great re-discoveries in brazilian music as of late, Marcos Valle is one of them. The Samba 68' record is one of the few he gave to the USA, and we should be grateful!

This has to be THE most endearing duet I have ever heard. MV's wife of the time, Anamaria,joins him in a walk on the Impanema beach... hands clasped in the evening moonlight,stopping only to say to themselves "To look at delicious you, and know that it's all for me..." and continue their thoughts of possible love..." And you'd feel as I do, if you knew what I knew..."A childlike two-finger piano line emphasizes the naiveity of a young couple so eloquently and poignantly... against a backdrop of waves crashing softly from a string quartet....A song you'll never forget.

from Samba 68' (Verve V6-5053), available on CD

Parabens  performed by Marcos Valle
Recommended by moondog [profile]

Well, you know the man. But how long is it going to take for rock journalism to acknowledge the genius of Marcos Valles music in the sixties and seventies and give him the rightful respect he so justly earns ? Ok, no harsh words about Caeatano, Milton, Mutantes and the other ones but no one i think could combine the brazilian sound with valles sense of pop melody. Perhaps it is as one reviewer at amazon expressed it while reviewing the essential marcos vol 2 ; A bit too much cheese. Marcos Valle is perhaps a little bit too fun to listen to, not authentic enough. And he´s still got it going. Especially on this fine track where he recycles his wanda vidal track from the seventies

from contrasts (far out)

Nao Tem Nada Nao  performed by Marcos Valle  1973
Recommended by pleasepleaseme [profile]

WOW! 3 fat composers ( Marcos Valle, Joao Donato & Deodato) join forces for one groovy track. Awesome keyboard work from Bertrami of Azymuth. Mesmerizing,sexy and funky.

from Previsao Do Tempo, available on CD

  30 Jul 04 ·n-jeff: Very pleased to say I saw Marcos Valle perform this last night. Thats a great set of names to drop "Heres a song I wrote with Eumir Deodato and Jao Donato". Very cool. And a very good song, he handled the keys himself live.
And thanks to everyone whos namedropped Valle on musical taste, as I otherwise would have missed out on a great gig!

  15 Jul 06 ·ambassador: this track was a reworking of Donato's tune "Batuque" from his album with Deodato, called "Joao Donato" or Donato/Deodato on the original LP. Basically, Marcos Valle liked the song and decided to add lyrics. Funnily, the way that Donato/Deodato was recorded each of these famous composers added their parts seperately starting with Donato's keyboards, then Deodato's arrangement and then marcos took that and reworked it with lyrics and azimuth as his backup band. one of my all-time favorite tracks.
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