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Come and Get This Stuff  performed by Syreeta  1974
Recommended by Nickfresh [profile]

Very nice, laid back summer song. Stevie Wonder struck Gold when he worked with Syreeta.

from Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta (Motown 11268)

  07 Dec 05 ·Swinging London: I'd forgotten about this album. Thank you for reminding me. Absolutely wonderful. I especially loved the bits when Stevie's voice suddenly appears out of nowhere. I rank this album with all the great acclaimed Stevie Wonder albums of this (1971-76) era. I can't say that the song you've chosen is one of the high points, though.
Knocks me off my feet  performed by Stevie Wonder  1976
Recommended by DecemberGuy [profile]

Simple lyrics, simple melody.

Yet it makes me wanna fall in love starting now.
Stevie's such a badasssss.

from Songs in the Key of Life (Motown)

Smiling Faces  performed by Rare Earth  197?
Recommended by djjetraven [profile]

Long instrumental introduction like in " I just Want To Celebrate" or "Ma"....the band is having fun and setting the mood. Old rock from my jukebox days sounds really good right now. Different than the War versionof this song.

from Ma (Motown)
available on CD - Ma, Anthology (Motown)

Stop Loving Me,Stop Loving You  performed by Marvin Gaye  1976
Recommended by geezer [profile]

An accusatory narrative on his marriage to Motown owner Berry Gordys daughter.Sweet but bitter not the same as bittersweet.Strangely compelling with no distinct melody ,bridge or chorus and the title only mentioned in the last few bars .However you feel after one listen an intimacy with the songs creator and this confessional opus .In places you can hear four or five Marvins pleading and apologising and blaming.I think in this instance it would appropriate to use the word genius .The moral being never marry the boss,s daughter.

from Here My Dear, available on CD

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