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Twisted  performed by Lambert Hendricks & Ross  195?
Recommended by konsu [profile]

One of my favorite vocal jazz sides. Annie Ross tears through this swingin' tune about adolescent madness : " My analyst told me, that I was right out of my head/The way he described it, I would be better dead, than live/ I didn't listen to his jive!..." Really just a corker of a tune! Makes you do the soft-shoe across the room... Their debut LP is full of great stuff, and is available on CD for super cheap!

from "The Hottest New Group In Jazz!" (Columbia CS 8198), available on CD

Actual Proof  performed by Herbie Hancock  1974
Recommended by 4StringSweetness [profile]

9 min., 40 sec.- Improvised!!! Herbie came up with basic riff, followed by brilliant improvisation by Bennie Maupin on Saxes and Bill Summers Percussion, Bassist Paul Jackson and Drummer Mike Clark. They only recorded one take! This song is at first very difficult to pick apart, but once you focus on any one instrument you will have a new perscective on the talent of these virtuoso players. Pure genious.

from Thrust (Columbia CK 64984), available on CD (Columbia / Legacy)

"a carol for lorelei"  performed by the cryan’ shames  1967
Recommended by association [profile]

scratch in the sky is the name of the cryan' shames
album that came out in 1967 from these chicago soft/sunshine pop masters whom also added an amazing dash of psyche to all there recordings...
"a carol for lorelei" starts the album off with bells and association(ish) harmonies!! brilliant
ignore what said about this album they are fools the song writing is up to par with the beach boys and others.
if you dig the Association and The Millennium and other fine sunshine pop groups with that mellow groove get it now. the japanese import is worth the extra for the original back cover art work that the sundazed version didn't recreate faithfully. i love 'em

from scratch in the sky (columbia 2786)
available on CD - yes (sundazed or even better the japanese import)

Chain Reaction  performed by Don Ellis  1972
Recommended by konsu [profile]

Don Ellis is a often overlooked trumpeter/bandleader. His style of jazz was most well recieved in CA, and he's most famous for his Fillmore appearances opening for people like Janis Joplin and Frank Zappa. This is a demonstration of his prowess and his ability to construct an amazing band, and take them to new heights. Recorded hot on the heels of his French Connection score, and more than a decade into his career.

The piece is a sprawling morphilogical journey, full of orchestral passages and time/tempo changes, and blissful rests. He utilizes an "Electric String Quartet", which, through the magic of studio production, sounds like a full string ensemble! Making the wole track just bristle with dark energy.

Produced by the great Teo Macero, who had been doing great work at Columbia for a long time. He did some stuff with Ramsey Lewis around the same time, as well as Miles Davis. This record also has a great version of his "French ConnectionTheme" and really entertaining versions of "Alone Again (Naturally)" & Yes's "Roundabout"!

from Connection (Columbia KC 31766)

I Want You  performed by Elvis Costello  1986
Recommended by elfslut [profile]

This is the classic stalker song. It's also one of the most emotionally charged Costello songs from the album Blood and Chocolate. It's a long one, over 6 minutes for the full version, but worth every second.

from Blood and Chocolate (Columbia)

  11 Jan 04 ·umbrellasfollowrain: I'm a fan of this song too. It's got a hypnotic, level devotion set to crack and freak any second. It reminds me of the Jarvis Cocker of This is Hardcore.
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