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Smell Memory  performed by Múm  2000
Recommended by dedismo [profile]

Like children's music with break-beatish percussion, melodious and warm with a haunting ending. Elements of Aphex Twin, Autechre. I like how the ending keeps you wanting more. Each of the band's four members was in their late teens when the record was released.

from Yesterday was dramatic, today is ok (Thule/TMT and Tugboat in the U.K 02), available on CD

Flugufrelsarinn  performed by Sigur Ros  2000
Recommended by Genza [profile]

Some of the albums I like are good - a select few are really fabulous. This track comes from a fabulous album. Mirroring Slowdive's early 1990s soundscapes, Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Ros blend marimba, orchestra and effect-laiden guitar to create amazing tunes. Flugufrelsarinn is the pick - with a glorious multi-layered sound and an epic chorus. You must own this.

from Agaetis Byrjun (Fat Cat Records)

smell memory  performed by mum  2002
Recommended by theaugustchord [profile]

this is a unique piece that comes from the depths of iceland, 4 piece dark electronic group Mum have there shining moment with this gem. Smell memory is a 9 minute epic of errie substance, it has grown on me since the day i bought the album - yesterday was dramatic, today is ok - to really absorb this you must be the a mood where you really want to lose yourself and see where you are at the end of it.

from Yesterday was dramatic, today is ok. (Fat-cat), available on CD

green grass of tunnel  performed by mum
Recommended by licoricewhipped [profile]

eerie & beautiful.

Now There’s That Fear Again  performed by Múm  2002
Recommended by pleasepleaseme [profile]

This track begins with the sounds of a bong being puffed and the clicking of a metal lighter being flicked. This album is a winner, from start to finish. If you are a fan of the Cocteau Twins, Eno, Cluster, or Bjork, give this one a try! Perfect! Ambient Rock at its best. And very warm Electronica too! So good, you may hit the repeat button on your player more then once.

from Finally We Are No One, available on CD

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