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Can't Get You Out of My Head  performed by Kylie Minogue  2001
Recommended by secularus [profile]

Kylie, one of Australia's most well known exports, has done it this time with this musical delight. As those who go out to parties in NYC can probably concur with, Electro is the next big thing. Can't go out anywhere without hearing some electro inspired track. Kylie must have been to a few of these parties too. La La La La - simple, sexy and with a refrain of Set Me Free, its pure candy. Enjoy the suga!

from Fever (Capitol)

Dinnertime  performed by Spiderbait  1999
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

Its 4 tracks into the CD, and after one of the fluffy pop numbers, so it quite takes you by surprise when a guitar kicks in of such rawness that it feels like small blisters are erupting over your eardrums.
In come the bass and drums, and the girly vocals (Janet presumably) with a nice sarcastic tone. The sarcasm seems to be a feature of the band.
Threres also a triffic 1980 style disco remix on the extra CD, for extra amusement. To be honest I love the whole LP, it has nice fat drums, lovely rolling bass, and they aren't afraid to use the technology, it was hard to pick one song out, but this one had the edge for Janets voice and that ruff guitar. God I love Fuzz.

Oddly the person who played the CD to me first dismissed them as just another Oz-Rock band. Nah, way off the mark.

from Grand Slam (Polydor (Australia)), available on CD (polydor)

  15 Jul 02 ·n-jeff: My 4 year old daughter worked out enough of the CD player controls to play the disco remix back to back about twenty times over this weekend. Still sounds great.
Naturally  performed by Allison Gros  196?
Recommended by Ashley [profile]

One of the great mysteries of 60s Aussie Psych. This track first appeared on the Datura Dreamtime CD and I have been playing it to death since - yet no one seems to have an inkling as to who the band were. It's really creamy late pop psych complete with Byrdsy guitars, rich harmonies and sitar like sounds. Wonderful chorus too.

from Datura Dreamtime (Boobsalot CD02), available on CD

  25 Dec 02 ·richteratmosphere: Is the Datura Dreamtime CD still in print and available. I'm a big fan of UK psychedelic pop, but haven't heard much Aussie psych.
  06 Sep 04 ·mickster44: The track Naturally was released in Australia in June 1970. Alison Gros were Graham Goble, Russ Johnson & John Mower. The 3 later changed their name to Mississippi & had considerable success with their 1972 self titled L.P. plus 3 singles, Kings Of The World (1972) Early Morning ('73)& Will I ('74) Graham Goble went on to form Little River Band with later members of Mississippi and of course had considerable success in the US during the mid '70's to early '80's. Russ Johnson later played with another popukar Oz band Country Radio.
  01 Jun 08 ·dillonkidvillain: Just thought I'd add a little extra info about "Naturally". It was written by my father Russ Johnson and was released on the South Australian label Gamba. Phil Cuneen produced it and also played sitar on the song. I love the sounds produced on this song, a true Australian gem. My dad wrote this song in 1970, just after arriving from London in late 1969.
For a short time  performed by Tiddas  1998
Recommended by phil [profile]

Absolutely fantastic, amazing, beautiful singing - it'll really knock your socks off. The tiddas seem to concentrate on singing above everything else - they are three women, two of whom play the acoustic guitar, and that's it, but the result is just sensational harmonies and brilliant interpretations of songs, some of which are aboriginal folk songs, others their own, and others just covers.

This is a cover of a song by the splendidly-named Weddings, Parties, Anything. Both versions are absolutely brilliant but the singing on this tiddas one is just out of this world.

from Lethal by the kilo, available on CD

saint huck  performed by nick cave and the bad seeds  1981
Recommended by phil [profile]

Really, this song is just brilliant. I'm listening to it now, and I don't want to think about it much - just to say that it is hypnotic, fantastic, trebly, preposterous, tuneless rock, detailing how huckleberry finn went to the big city and fell of the rails - 'you know the story! You wake up one morning and find YOU'RE A THUG!'

Really, I love this sort of thing.

from From her to eternity (Mute)

  21 Jun 04 ·feeling eternal: indeed it is a good song. the only copy i have is on the god is in the house dvd. i havent been able to find from her to eternity anywhere. and nowhere seems to have saint huck available for download, so im asking, does anyone know where i can get me a copy? rock on.
  24 Jun 04 ·phil: I don't know where you are from feeling eternal, but FHTE is definitely available from and from Good luck!
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