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You forgot to answer  performed by Nico  1974
Recommended by milhouse-paris [profile]

from The End (Island IMCD174)

  07 Jul 04 ·milhouse-paris: First of all, almost all of Nico's work is pure beauty. She's most famous for her work with or related to the Velvet Underground, including her "chelsea girl" LP. But for me this is quite unfair, because Nico was not just an "egérie", a "frozen beauty" or a "femme fatale" cliché. She was a stunning songwriter and singer: Three of her 70's albums (desertshore, marble index and the end)are simply wonderful. Sad and graceful as Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and other songwriters considered geniuses because they were born men...
frozen warnings  performed by Nico  1971
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

At first appearance, its not the most appealing of combinations, that deep flat voice accompanied by the unforgiving Harmonium alone. And it is quite stark, but at the same time strangely warm and hypnotic.
The song itself has a strong chorus and there are well played hooks. Slow, dark, magnificent. And it strangely is a pop song where the rest of the EP isn't.

from Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit SFPS064)

roses in the snow  performed by Nico  1969
Recommended by belphegor [profile]

wow, i mean: wow... i've been an avid nico lover for years, having acquired a deep appreciation of her via some claimed proto-goth associations. obscure subcultural praise and all that velvet underground hoop-la aside, her amazing "desertshore" was proof enough that nico was and is a uniquely powerful force in life and art. but this "roses in the snow" diddy just floored me on a first listen. the revolving, minimalist tune of her harmonium must be the loneliest, most disillusioned harmony ever played since "gloomy sunday," and the cryptically profound words the closest thing rock'n'roll ever got to the "book of job." what does this piece really mean to say? not sure really: but somehow, i think it might be something like re-reading a long-departed lover's suicide note on a warm, languid autumn day...

from the marble index, available on CD (elektra)

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