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Hot Wind  performed by Les Baxter  1969
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

I'm surprised this hasn't been recommended already! "Hot Wind" is a breakbeat classic that's been sampled by the likes of DJ Shadow. Unlike a lot of breakbeat sources, however, this is a great little number in itself. It begins with a desolate harmonica, then those killer drums, fuzz guitar and quasi-Blaxploitation horns kick in. I could picture it backing a raunchy scene with some biker dude peeling out into the desert, spreading dust everywhere. Cool.

from Hell's Belles soundtrack (Sidewalk)

Sunken City  performed by Les Baxter  1961
Recommended by nighteye [profile]

This is one of Baxters best songs, although there are many incredible Les Baxter pieces, this one really stands out from the rest. The title 'Sunken City' is perfect, you really feel like you are floating in the bright blue ocean, searching for a lost city. The instruments Baxter chose for this song are interesting; oboes, a haunting choir along with some vibraphones and piano chords, the result is however amazing.
Listen to this song late at night with the lights dimmed.

from Jewels of the Sea (Capitol)
available on CD - Exotic Moods of Les Baxter

Shooting Star  performed by Les Baxter  1958
Recommended by nighteye [profile]

As Delicado said in one of his track recommendations: "Les Baxter's work is under-represented on this site". To try and change that here's a recommendation of another of my favourite Baxter songs.

Get in your space-ship and get ready for your first space cocktail. The mood of this song truly represents the 'Space-Age' everybody was anticipating in the late '50s and early '60s. We've got a happy fast paced beat, with bright strings, pianos, vibraphones, flutes and what not. Not that unfamiliar to the KPM library music from the '50s. I can't stop listening to this song, I only wish it was a bit longer.

from Space Escapade (Capitol Records)
available on CD - Ultra-Lounge Volume 8: Cocktail Capers

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