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4 tracks composed by David Axelrod have been recommended.
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Tensity  performed by Cannonball Adderley Quintet & Orchestra
Recommended by bobbyspacetroup [profile]

A great cut with that classic Axelrod sound. Also included are compositions by Joe Zawinul and Lalo Schifrin. Check it out...

from Cannonball Adderley Quintet & Orchestra (Capitol ST-484)

  25 Apr 01 ·tinks: Great song. Great album all around, in fact.
  07 Mar 06 ·nickfresh: Most Definitely one of my favorite albums! One of the great selections.
The Sugar Cane  performed by David McCallum  1966
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Interesting early composition/production work from Axelrod. Vaguely calypso-inspired orchestral pop with a very prominent piccolo and what sounds like a French horn solo...I think that I hear a glockenspiel in there, as well. All layered over trademark Axelrod drums and a cool walking bassline.

from Music...A Part of Me (Capitol)

  18 May 02 ·Sem Sinatra: I'd be interested to know exactly what David McCallum did on this track ... maybe the glockenspiel
  24 May 02 ·tinks: well, according to the liner notes, he supposedly is the conductor of the thing. i've seen his conducting in action in the film "the big tnt show" and all that i can say is that it looks sorta dubious.
  30 Oct 03 ·utada: David McCallum's father played french horn for the london symphony-he played french horn on the Beatles "for no one"-I think this is he and not the son
Holy are you  performed by the electric prunes  1968
Recommended by Maximum_Bygraves [profile]

The Devil has the best tunes they say. God's got a fair few mind. Witness this. Creamy orchestrations and big supple breakbeats meshed together artfully with vocals that are never too mannered. Production is in the familiar axlerod vein. Lovely.

from Release of an oath

House of Mirrors  performed by David McAllum
Recommended by Maximum_Bygraves [profile]

Another Axelrod mini masterpiece on display here. Big twangy guitars and a wonderfully modernistic haze of modal horns strings and flutes snake around rock solid bass and drums. Whoooo-heee

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