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Busby Berkeley Dreams  performed by Magnetic Fields  2000
Recommended by phil [profile]

Purest AOR - the lyrics are about rejecting a divorce petition. Pretty moving though - no jokes in this one ("darling you may do your worst/ because you'll have to kill me first"). This whole album is extremely good if you are interested.

from 69 Love songs, available on CD (House of tomorrow)

  06 Feb 02 ·LawrenceM: Of course, you could have picked virtually any song from "69 Love Songs". A heartbreaking work of staggering genius. (My personal fave .... "I don't want to get over you" - the story of my life, age 18.)
  07 Jan 04 ·umbrellasfollowrain: Oh dude, this song. This song. This song takes my heart and ties it to a string and walks around with it like a baloon. Many songs on the album do though. I'm a fan of "My Only Friend" and "Eptiaph For My Heart" and oh, the sweet horrible recognition found in "You're My Only Home".
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea  performed by Neutral Milk Hotel  1997
Recommended by two-headed boy [profile]

I didn't know it then, but when I purchased the album 'In the Aeroplane Over the Sea' my world changed. When I put the album into my CD player, I did it with a naivete of someone who thought they'd 'heard it all.' I did it clumsily, with haste, handled like a Beatles or Beach Boys album, the way I had done for years. When I listened to the album I did it with reckless abandon while driving 38 miles per hour on my lunch break, and later in the drive-through at McDonald�s. These mistakes were inherited, and I refuse blame. They were passed through the genetic make-up of our peers and born out of the music we've been given; I didn't expect this! Well, our music has changed, and it did so without our knowing and our approval. This album proved and disproved an entire treatise of critical analysis on a generation of music that I thought I had known, and it did so with a fucking velvet sledgehammer.

The lyrics: "And one day we will die and our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea, but for now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see." More lyrics: "What a beautiful face I have found in this place that is circling all around the sun, what a beautiful dream that would flash in the screen in a blink of an eye and be gone from me." The melody: A timeless, haunting thing that was metaphysically resurrected from a wiser place. The voice: Wrenched out of the jaws of a holocaust from 50 years ago, we hear a possessed Jeff Mangum invest his soul. The sound: An apocalypse that can reinvent the turntable by it�s simplistic form; with a saw, guitar, drum, bass, horns, and lord knows what else all handled with deceptive elegance of a garage mechanic constructing a supermodel. And, lastly, the spirit: A tragedy and rape of virginity known only to the persecuted and executed; the ghost of Anne Frank materializes long enough to show us her world, and in her hands we are strangely at peace.

This song is a gift very few will experience. It is endless in its reach and should be accepted like a sibling into your collection. It will one day prove itself beyond category, but for now it is a masterful novel from the hands of a mysterious songwriter who should know how sincerely I cherish his songs.

from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

  27 Jun 01 ·karlmort: this album is going to make a huge impact on you if you dare to listen.
  21 Jul 03 ·evolutum: All I have to say is that I agree with the above. My wife and I had this song played at our wedding reception. With tears in our eyes we danced. I would like to have it played at my funeral.
  07 Jan 04 ·umbrellasfollowrain: Whenever I hear that someone loves this album as much as I do this strange things happens where I want to draw you all into a bearhug where we cry our fears away all through the long night.
  04 Oct 05 ·el.oh man.: this song can make you feel so many emotions at once. it truly is a wrok of art. there is almost no way that you wouldnt like it. everytime i hear it, i fall in love with the amazing writing talents of these guys.
  13 Nov 05 ·pullmyhair: This is one of my most life-changing albums. It does something to me, almost spiritually. If people have an open mind, they need to hear this.
Light Enough to Travel  performed by the Be Good Tanyas  2001
Recommended by mitchiavelli [profile]

'Light Enough to Travel' is from 'Blue Horse', the debut album from the Be Good Tanyas.

The Tanyas are are Frazey Ford, Samantha Parton, and Trish Klein, and hail from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

They sing up tempo folk / bluegrass, and have been received with wild acclaim in both Canada and the UK.

'Light Enough to Travel' is representative of the Blue Horses. I guarantee it will get your toes tapping and hips swaying.

Here is their website:

from Blue Horses, available on CD

  07 Jan 04 ·umbrellasfollowrain: There's something about the attitude of this song that I love. The song is originally written by this guy who only plays and composes on accordian. I heard him play once on CBC Radio and he brought his two kids because he couldn't afford a babysitter and the kids kept talking all the way through his songs. This is perfect mixed tape fodder. For that driving mix you're giving to your best gal friend.
Sublimation Hour  performed by Destroyer  2001
Recommended by mitchiavelli [profile]

'Destroyer' is neither a heavy metal nor a goth band. 'It' is Dan Bejar who is better known as one of the singers and song writers for Vancouver's 'the New Pornographers'.

'Sublimation Hour' is representative of Destroyer/Bejar's music. The music and lyrics are reminiscent of 70s David Bowie.

Be warned: Bejar's vocals are somewhat eccentric and not to everyone's taste (thank goodness the Pornographers have 3 vocalists).

Destroyer have a new album coming out October 8th (or thereabouts) on Misra:

from Streethawk: A Seduction, available on CD

  07 Jan 04 ·umbrellasfollowrain: I'm a big Destroyer fan. He's an amazing vocalis. I don't know what you're talking about. The new album wasn't all everyone had hoped for, but has a couple of good songs in particular "Students Carve Hearts out of Coal".
The Way Young Lovers Do  performed by Van Morrison  1968
Recommended by Pal [profile]

The absolutely best white soul song I know!

available on CD - Astral Weeks (Warner Bros.)

  07 Jan 04 ·umbrellasfollowrain: Oh wow, this is a wonderful song. Practically clausterphobic in its arrangment, it's still spacious and brings you this heightened state, as though something is just about to happen. The lyrics sound as though they should be sentimental, nostalgic fare but they sound almost tormented and full of hyper anger. Like the Tasmanian Devil in love.
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