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Spanish Bombs  performed by The Clash  1979
Recommended by hedgehog [profile]

Diatribe against 1970s Grenada as well as the Irish Troubles, with romantic imagery and a great vocal by the late Joe Strummer.

available on CD - London Calling (Epic)

Light Years  performed by Pearl Jam  2000
Recommended by Edgar [profile]

I amit it. I am a closeted Pearl Jam fan. PJ are my favorite band, but for some reason there's always someone wishing to tell me hoow much they suck, or how much they hate Eddie Vedder's voice.

Anyway, here's one of their greatest songs. Included in the "Binaural" album, it's a sow, though energic song, with a great crescendo in mr. Vedder's voice that still gives me goosebumps. "Every inch between us becomes light years now... no need to be void... or save up on live..."

from Binaural (Epic 494590), available on CD

Rock With You  performed by Michael Jackson  1979
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

While i can't say i'm an admirer of Jackson, his first two Epic records "Off The Wall" and "Thriller" are a reminder he wasn't always that pathetical popular figure he is today but a talented performer and songwriter with an array of gifted people to back him up as arrangers, songwriters and musicians. The most imported credit goes to the legendary Quincy Jones, who really gave these records an incredibly rich sounding, impeccable prduction. All instruments, funky guitars and bass, swirling disco-esque strings, horns and brass, vocal harmonies and syths, are in the right place here. The production is detailed, lush and transparent sounding, easily beating most of todays pop productions, even more so on the remastered versions of these records.

from Off The Wall, available on CD

For The Love Of God (orchestral version)  performed by Steve Vai  2007
Recommended by guitarMan666 [profile]

The song is a remake of one of Vai's most famous pieces. The first part of the song is solo oboe (or maybe soprano sax) with harp accompaniment followed by a louder section where the guitar (played by Steve himself) takes over.

from Sound Theories (Epic 88697 107142)
available on CD - Sound Theories Disc One (Epic)

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