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Crystal Illusions (Memorias de Marta Sare)  performed by Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66  1969
Recommended by m.ace [profile]

If there is such a genre as psychedelic impressionist easy pop, this song should be its flagship. Dreamy, lulling, yet subtly disturbing, this seven-minute plus tune is like entering a watercolor painting.

from Crystal Illusions (A&M)

  04 Jul 03 ·konsu: Written by Edu Lobo. Apparently for a play he wrote a few songs for. A year later he did it on his own A&M album "Sergio Mendes Presents Lobo", which is an incredible album produced by Sergio. Also check out his LP "Missa Breve" from 1973.
Do You Know The Way To San Jose?  performed by Bossa Rio  1969
Recommended by konsu [profile]

WOW! We all know how much the brazillians love Burt, well, this is a fine example of how well he was interpreted by the south.

They keep the original arrangement but spice it up a bit with snappy side-stick beat and pumped-up organ stabs ala' Wanderley.The singers are (I believe) Gracinha Leporace & Pery Ribeiro,and they harmonize beautifully as Manfredo Fest rythmically taps his organ paired with piano in a sumptuous unison.They carry the song along in gradually ascending stages of bliss,until they drop away only to build "Do-you -know-the-ways"in an rounded refrain to finsh it off...Absolutely gorgeous! Produced by Sergio Mendes in his imitable style!!!Also check out their version of "Up, Up, And Away", from the same LP.

from Bossa Rio (A&M SP 4191), available on CD (A&M (Japan))

Viola  performed by Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66  1969
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

This is Mendes' take on Viola Enluarada, one of my favourite Marcos Valle tunes, and what a beautiful interpretation this one is: starting of with just electric piano it later comes into full gear with a wonderful Dave Grusin orchestral arrangement including lush strings, flutes, trumpets and some harp embellishments.

from Crystal Illusions (A&M SP-4197), available on CD

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