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We Dance  performed by Pavement  1995
Recommended by phil [profile]

I get the impression that even a lot of Pavement fans don't know this one very well, presumably because it's on a pretty duff album (wowee zowee). However, it's one of my absolute favourite pavement songs. Musically it is very quiet - it's essentially just an acoustic guitar, though the funny noises the band make are quite entertaining. However, I really love the structure: there's nothing that can be called a verse or a chorus there - he just rambles on until he is finished. It has the full extent of Pavement's lyrics - completely ridiculous, funny, and sometimes very moving. Plus, as ever, malkmus' weirdy voice is a joy to listen to. So, if you like the pavement style - slow, quirky, funny, and often amazingly beautiful musically, and you don't know this one, you should really look into it. There's a brilliant solo version of it you can get off Napster (legally - Pavement distribute this stuff) - search for "we dance acoustic" - means you don't have to cough up for the album too.

from Wowee Zowee, available on CD (Matador)

  27 Jun 01 ·karlmort: this one has been among my fave pavement albums since it came out. this album has some stand out tracks like grounded , fight this generation and we dance. there is also a rare version of this song on a 7". it was released prior to wowee zowee.
  30 Jun 04 ·your_namesake: absolutely love this track. can't agree with you on wowee zowee though, i think that's a brilliant album...
Trojan Curfew  performed by Stephen Malkmus  2000
Recommended by phil [profile]

I went to see Malkmus the other day - essentially, his new band sound just like Pavement, but the songs are in general not as good. It's as if he sacked them because he didn't like them criticising his songs, and now his new lot have no quality control. This one however is really, really, really good - really nice hawaiian guitar, with Malkmus considering 'how small we humans are' in a song - really - about Greek Gods.

from Stephen Malkmus (Domino WIGCD90)

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