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The Girls' Song  performed by The Fifth Dimension  1967
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

The Fifth Dimension were too sugary for my personal tastes, but they did record a few, heavenly arranged gems like this one. The indestructable theme of trying to phone a lover after he/she left is a wonderful bonus.

from Magic Garden, available on CD

  12 Feb 03 ·konsu: Alright! I was gonna recommend this one too. This song illustrates perfectly the CA sound that Webb & Bacharach were crafting. Some people mistake this for a B.B. tune, and it's no wonder... "Magic Garden" is a great album to seek out by this group, if you've been afraid before.I also like "Requiem : 820 Latham" & "Paper Cup".
  18 Apr 07 ·artlongjr: I LOVE the "Magic Garden" album...I have it on vinyl, but I was fortunate enough to to get it on CD when it was released-it's now out of print. The album is a Jimmy Webb/Fifth Dimension classic. The only thing holding it back from perfection is a Las Vegas-y cover of the Beatles' "Ticket to Ride" that sounds out of place with the other material, all of which was written by Webb. But that's OK, a lot of great albums have one duff track! I like the Fifth Dimension's early material, "Magic Garden" is their second album, but I also like their first and third LP's. Unfortunately, in later years they became too "show-biz" sounding, which causes some people to overlook all of their material.
Wishing Now  performed by Glen Campbell  1974
Recommended by [email protected] [profile]

Absolutely incredibly hooky, soaring, romantic pop song, very much in the same world as some of the best Terry Sylvester solo stuff, those wonderful Mark Lindsay solo records, "Dusty in London," Peter Shelley's "Love Me, Love My Dog" etc.

from Reunion, available on CD (Capitol - Cornerstones Series)

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