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Peaches En Regalia  performed by Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention  1969
Recommended by Tangento [profile]

This song was a milestone in Zappa's career.

The "Hot Rats" album really set the notion in motion of FZ as a 'Composer'.

I remember as a child, seeing his band perform this on 'Saturday Night Live',
and how exciting it was to see Frank Zappa in action, and this band of virtuoso musicians tackling this unbelievably complicated musical work.

In my opinion, the use of a horn section in rock music had always added an element of cheesiness, but with this song it is a necessary element.
Besides, "Cheesy" was often Zappa's middle name, and nobody did it better.

He turned it into an art form.

The original version featured multi-instrumentalist Ian Underwood who along with his wife,
the infamous Ruth, became fixtures in Zappa's lineup in the years to come.

A classic and innovative track.

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from Hot Rats (Rykodisc USA RCD 10508), available on CD

Peaches En Regalia  performed by Frank Zappa  1969
Recommended by G400 Custom [profile]

A short instrumental featuring dozens of musicians playing sumptuous melodies, this perfect fusion of rock and 'classical' forms might just be the most authentically radical record I own.

from Hot Rats (Straight), available on CD

Son of Mr Green Genes  performed by Frank Zappa  1970
Recommended by Samuel [profile]

Early Zappa. This song is a masterpiece of instrumental songwriting. If you like crazy horn lines, kickin' guitar solos, and a late sixties (although the record was done in 1970) feel, you'll like this.

from Hot Rats, available on CD

Yo Mama  performed by Frank Zappa  1979
Recommended by Bwanadik [profile]

This song features my favourite guitar solo of all time. I love the way it builds, the guitar just soars - sheer genius. Check out the mad rhythm section. I play this song most days of my life. I adore it. And no I don't live with my Mama lol.

from Sheik Yerbouti (Rykodisc (USA) 310528), available on CD

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